A New Dawn

"Dawn is an accomplished and highly professional technician in all she does. I have had the works: electrolysis, microdermabrasion and permanent makeup on my eyebrows, upper and lower lids. I never considered getting permanent makeup applied, but I trust Dawn so much – her skill, artistry and meticulous attention to detail – that I took the plunge! Over the 10 years that I have used her services, she has maintained consistently high standards. Her office and workspace is always clean and organized. She has a confident, upbeat personality and she is very attentive to making sure I am always as comfortable as possible. Dawn is amazing!
I simply can't say enough good things about her."

Laurie Agee, San Francisco


"I had the pleasure of being Dawn Marrero’s fundamental class permanent cosmetic trainer. Occasionally, in the permanent cosmetic training profession, a trainer will recognize exceptional talent in a student early-on in the training period. Dawn was one of those students whom I felt had a natural instinct and drive for this profession. During her training period she completed seventeen (17) model procedures, each with the design detail and professional procedure techniques of a technician with a repertoire of continuing education classes behind her. Dawn has become more than a past student; she is an associate of mine. I’m proud to have been her initial trainer and was not surprised to watch her take on the permanent cosmetic industry with the desire and expertise to be one of the best. Since her initial training, Dawn has gone forward with advanced training in lip procedures and breast work and sought out to take classes from the best trainers in the industry."

Marjorie Grimm, Permanent Cosmetics Specialist


"When I moved to Marin county I was looking for a new Electrologist. I found Dawn through an ad in the Marin express book and decided to give her a try. I feel I got really lucky because I think she is one of the best in Marin. I have now known her for over 15 years and I would say that she is highly skilled and very knowledgeable. She has such a great personality and positive attitude that it would be hard not to feel comfortable around her. Her office is bright and sunny and she always greets you with with a big smile. I always look forward to see her. Dawn is a true professional, and I highly recommend her."

Lucie Duclos, Graphic Designer